School of Food

School of Food is made just for you.

School of Food is not a one size fits all business training program; it’s made to order based on your needs. Find the tools for on the job success online and in person. Our personalized curriculum takes current and future food biz owners on a trip that starts with the basics (defining a mission, writing a pitch), moves into the nitty-gritty (financial forecasting, health regulations) and ends with all the fun stuff you need to know when going to market (branding, distribution). Sign-up today so you can bring home the bacon tomorrow.

We’re growing our network and it includes your food business.

School of Food started in Baltimore to help local food entrepreneurs take time away from their everyday and focus on scaling their business idea. Through workshops led by business leaders, it grew from monthly workshops to a year long program. The education program is part of City Seeds, a Humanim Social Enterprise. Humanim is a non profit organization that is building an inclusive community and economy. We thank our partners and sponsors like One Main Financial for helping us grow our reach and programming year after year.

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Dream it then build it. Join us at our next workshop.

Defining Your Mission

What drives you to do what you do? What are your primary business goals?

Food Safety for Production: Maryland Health Regs

Learn how to write successful SOPs and HACCP plans to get your business approved so you can really start cooking!

Small Business Accounting

Learn the importance of knowing where your business stands financially, don’t fool yourself!

Visual Merchandising and Branding

Learn how to assess your brand, dissect someone else's brand— and start creating your brand identity!

Watch Videos

Tips from our network of advisors and food business leaders. What you really need to know from finance to sales.

Get Involved

Kim Bryden,
School of Food Program Curator

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Baltimore, MD 21213